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Tuesday 26 May 2015
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JSNA Documents Section

The JSNA process results in and utilises a variety of documents which investigate and explain the needs of Dudley and what is being done to meet them. In 2008 these documents were adopted by Dudley Community Partnership as the spatial dimension of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA). They cover the concept that people are at the centre of human settlements and that their health is determined not only by their inherent age, sex and hereditary characteristics, but also by the spatial interaction of social, economic and environmental variables.

These reports are available chronologically below;

Public Health Reports  2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011


Needs Assessments

In addition to these Public Health documents needs assessments are produced for specific sections of the population or specific services, these are available below and at the bottom of this page.

These needs assessments are supported by a variety of other strategies and plans.

There is also a reference library where a number of documents that are relating to JSNA are available.


Dudley's Obesity Health Needs Assessments - January 2012

This Health Needs Assessment (HNA) has been conducted to support the refresh of Dudley's 2005-2010 Tackling Obesity Strategy. It includes a review of current health and lifestyle data, current services & interventions and new research & policy. Recommendations will be taken forward into an updated Tackling Obesity Strategy for Dudley. The full Dudley Tackling Obesity Health Needs Assessment is available here, a summary can be found below.


Dudley Borough's Economic Assessment & Economic Development Strategy

Dudley's Economic assessment is now available. The Assessment aims to provide a common economic evidence base and a detailed understanding of the local economy. 

Also available is the Dudley's Economic Development Strategy 2011/12-2013/14 which sets out the overall aims for economic development and the activities to be taken forward to create the right conditions for increasing competitiveness and securing sustainable economic growth in the borough.


Dudley's Planning Policy Annual Monitoring Reports 

Each year Dudley MBC produces an Annual Monitoring Report which sets out the background information on the characteristics of the Borough. These reports assess whether the council's planning policies are being successfully implemented and it gives a Borough wide context through statistics on such topics as population, housing and economic structure. 

Please follow this link to view the Annual Monitoring Reports.


Dudley Healthy Towns 

Dudley Healthy Towns project will see £4.5 million of investment in our borough under the government’s Health Towns project, which aims to pilot ways of reducing obesity levels.  

Please follow this link to find out more on Dudley Healthy Towns.


  • pdf
  • Dudley Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) 2010/11 [pdf / 2.83MB] This document, Dudley PNA, is the statement of the needs for pharmaceutical services which each PCT is required to publish by virtue of section 128A of the Health Act. (SI 2010 No 914). The pharmaceutical services to which the PNA relates are all the services that contractors on the PCT's pharmaceutical list and the Local Pharmaceutical Services (LPS) scheme - The Priory Community Pharmacy, provide under the regulations. Dudley PCT has 67 community pharmacies. The services they can provide are made up of three different levels: Essential services - provided by all contractors in all community pharmacies. Advanced services - can be provided by all contractors once accreditation requirements for pharmacists and premises have been met. Enhanced services - commissioned locally in response to the needs of the local population.