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Friday 22 May 2015
Dudley Community Partnership
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Jargon Buster

Co-terminousWhen two or more activities have a shared limit, goal or boundary.
Council for Voluntary ServiceLocal umbrella body for voluntary organisations, including faith groups.
Council PlanThe Council Plan contains information on the Council’s future plans and key targets in a specified time period.
CPA (Comprehensive Performance Assessment)In England, the Local Government White Paper, 'Strong Local Government - Quality Public Services', detailed the introduction of comprehensive performance assessment (CPA) for local authorities. CPA is a key element of the Government's performance framework for local government. It is intended to support improvement planning in local authorities, and lead to co-ordinated and proportionate audit and inspection, and increased freedoms and flexibilities for local government.
Cross Partnership IssuesThese are issues that do not fall in to one particular theme or service area, and will be issues that are the responsibility of a range of different partnerships and/or agencies.
Cross-cutting interestsSame as Cross Partnership Issues
Crystal Mark standardsA standard introduced in 1990 to encourage organisations to communicate clearly with the public, using plain English.
DAAT (Drug Alcohol Action Team)The strategic body through which the local drug strategy is decided and actioned. Also known as DATs – Drug Action Teams, when additional responsibilities are not taken for addressing alcohol problems.
DCA (Department for Constitutional Affairs)The Government Department responsible for upholding justice, rights and democracy.
DCMS (Department for Culture, Media and Sport)Government Department that sponsors the Regional Cultural Consortium works with partners to improve productivity in the tourism, creative and leisure industries and enhances access to a fuller cultural and sporting life for young people.