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Sunday 24 May 2015
Dudley Community Partnership
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Jargon Buster

Bending main programmes Tackling deprivation by focusing local agency and government department spending more specifically on the most deprived areas - see 'Mainstreaming'.
Best ValueA framework, based on a set of nationally determined indicators to help local authorities measure, manage and improve their performance.
BHRP (Brierley Hill Regeneration Partnership)A partnership launched in 2002 which aims to improve the Brierley Hill area in a number of ways; for example, by creating new jobs, homes and improving the transport system.
Black Country Consortium (BCC)A public/private voluntary sector partnership, whose goal is to explore sub-regional ways of working where added value to work and commitments at district level can be achieved.
Black Country Study (BCS)The BCS is developing and testing a plan for long term change and development of the whole of the Black Country.
BMEA generalised term used to refer to the black and minority ethnic population.
BoND (Building on New Deal)A strategy of Job Centre Plus to extend and improve its previous Welfare to Work and New Deal employment programmes.
BrokerageThe act of negotiation and mediation, such as between local and government agencies on behalf of the Partnership.
Business LinksA network of independent local business information and advice centres offering a wide range of services to the business community, designed to enhance the competitiveness of local companies. They are run by partnerships which include Chambers of Commerce, TECs, Local Authorities, Enterprise Agencies and DTI.
Buy-inEach new project or plan, especially partnership plans, requires the help and support of those who will contribute to achieving the objectives and targets set out in these plans. Such support is known as ‘buy-in’ e.g. people ‘buy’ into the idea of partnership working and therefore help to achieve this by working together in a cooperative and productive way.