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Friday 22 May 2015
Dudley Community Partnership
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Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM)The Government Department responsible for neighbourhood renewal, housing and urban policy. The ODPM includes the Neighbourhood Renewal Unit, the Regional Coordination Unit and the Social Exclusion. It works with councils identified as poorly performing in their Comprehensive Performance Assessment (CPA), helping them address weaknesses and deliver improvement plans, advises on central Government policy and influence new policies affecting local government, delivers Local Area Agreements (LAAs), Local Public Service Agreement and the ODPM/LGA (Local Government Association) Capacity Building Fund, and formulates the regional Housing Strategy and support housing authorities in developing a strategic approach to meeting local housing needs.
New Opportunities Fund (NOF)One of the National Lottery funds granting awards to health, education and the environment projects.
New Deal for CommunitiesA Government programme to regenerate 39 very deprived areas across England over a ten-year period.
Neighbourhood Renewal Unit (NRU)Part of the ODPM responsible for implementing the National Strategy on Neighbourhood Renewal.
Neighbourhood Renewal Fund (NRF)Provides public service and communities in the 86 poorest local authority districts with extra funds to tackle deprivation.
Neighbourhood Management PathfindersThe programme is a process not a project. It involves communities working with local agencies to improve services at neighbourhood level.
Neighbourhood Management (NM) Steering GroupA group of people with delegated responsibility from the Local Strategic partnership to steer the development and the delivery of Neighbourhood Management in a local area.
Neighbourhood ManagementProcess of working between communities and partner agencies to improve service delivery at a local level.
National Strategy for Neighbourhood Renewal (NSNR)Launched in January 2001 by the Prime Minister the NSNR is the product of 3 years work by communities, practitioners, business and residents. At the heart of the 10-20 year commitment to turn our most deprived communities around are two measurable goals: To secure lower worklessness and crime, better health, skills housing and a better physical environment, and to Narrow the gap between the poorest neighbourhoods and the rest. The NSNR is both a wider strategy and a series of area-based programmes.
National Policing PlanThe National Policing Plan 2005-2008, was published by the Home Office on Wednesday 24 November 2005, following extensive consultation with the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), The Association of Police Authorities (APA) and other stakeholders. This is the third National Policing Plan, which highlights the key issues facing the police service today.