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Friday 29 May 2015
Dudley Community Partnership
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Tel: 01384 814756
email: partnership.cexec@dudley.gov.uk
Executive BoardA strategic decision-making group of people in authority, of an organisation or partnership of organisations.
Evidence-basedThe use of sound statistical evidence upon which to base future action plans and strategies.
EvaluationAn assessment, after a project or programme has started, of the extent to which objectives have been achieved, how efficiently they have been achieved, and whether there are any lessons to be gained for the future.
European Social Fund (ESF)European Social Fund: supports activities that develop employability and human resources in five key areas: active labour market policies; equal opportunities; improving training and education and promoting lifelong learning; adaptability and entrepreneurship; improving the participation of women in the labour market.
European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)A European structural fund which aims to reduce inequalities in socio-economic development between the regions in the Community, by supporting infrastructure projects, job-creation investments, local development and aid for small/medium enterprises (SMEs).
e-GovernmentThe branch of Government which offers Information Communication Technology (ICT) -related resources and information.
Economies of scaleThese occur when mass producing or mass purchasing a good / product, resulting in lower average cost.