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Wednesday 27 May 2015
Dudley Community Partnership
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Tel: 01384 814756
email: partnership.cexec@dudley.gov.uk
AccountabilityHow organisations are answerable and responsible to others, such as local government and agencies (including partnerships), the public and wider community.
Accountable BodyThe legal entity (often a local authority) nominated to act on behalf of pertners or an unconstituted partnership, taking responsibility for the receipt and use of public monies.
Action PlanningThe process by which Action Plans are drawn up and initiated.
AdditionalityA way of measuring the benefits of a project which highlights the changes brought about which wouldn't have occured if the project hadn't taken place.
Advantage West Midlands (AWM)Advantage West Midlands is the Regional Developmenty Agency (RDA) for the West Midlands comprising the seven metropolitan districts of Birmingham, Coventry, Dudley, Sandwell, Solihull, Walsall and Wolverhampton. Its role is to develop strategies and support projects that will help transform the West Midlands' economy into one which is prosperous and sustainable for future growth.
Affordable HousingIncludes social housing where rent levels are set in line with the Government's policies to influence rent levels, and intermediate housing, involving a mix of forms of low cost home ownership (e.g. shared ownership) or reduced rent arrrangements.
Area ForumsA way for local people to get involved with issues in their neighbourhood, usually having local meetings and membership.
Arms Length Management Organisation (ALMO)A company set up by local authority to manage and improve all or part of its housing stock and to seperate the day-to-day housing management role from the wider strategic housing role of the local authority.
Audit CommissionAn independent public body responsible for insuring that public money is spent economically, efficiently and effectively in the areas of local government, housing, health, criminal justice and fire and rescue services.
BaselineA measurement of the starting conditions, for example numbers unemployed before a programme is undertaken. The benefits of a programme can be assessed over time by comparing the baseline with more up-to-date figures.