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Wednesday 27 May 2015
Dudley Community Partnership
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Jargon Buster

Integrated front-line servicesWhen a number of different and connected services are delivered directly to the public from one place.
Indices of Multiple Deprivation (IMD)A collection key indicators measuring social statistics used to identify levels of deprivation within a particular area e.g. low mortality rates, etc, which are normally undated every 10 years through the Census.
InclusiveDescribes a group or organisation which tries to include many different types of people and treat them all fairly and equally.
Improvement PlanA plan identifying actions for improvement of an organisation, a partnership, service or other.
HO (Home Office)Government Department that supports and monitors performance of Community Safety Partnerships, works with Drug Action Teams (DATs) and CDRPs, supports the development of the voluntary and community sector, eg, through the ChangeUp programme.
HM Treasury (HMT)HM Treasury (Her/His Majesty's Treasury) is the United Kingdom government department responsible for and putting into effect the UK Government's financial and economic policy. The Treasury's stated aim is to raise the rate of sustainable growth, and achieve rising prosperity, through creating economic and employment opportunities for all.
Health and Well-being PartnershipA partnership of agencies and organisations within a particular geographical location with a joint goal to improve the health and well being of its local people.
GroundworkA charity supporting regeneration through practical environmental work in deprived areas.
Government Offices for the West Midlands (GOWM)Works with regional partners and local people to help deliver the governments key aims at regional level.
Government Office for the Regions (GOR)There are nine Government Offices, each working with regional partners and local people to help deliver the governments’ key aims at regional level.