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Tuesday 26 May 2015
Dudley Community Partnership
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email: partnership.cexec@dudley.gov.uk

Jargon Buster

DCP Dudley Community Partnership)This is the Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) for Dudley.
DCVSDudley Council for Voluntary Service.
Decent Homes StandardIn 2000 the government set out a new target for the condition of all social housing called the Decent Homes Standard. It states that for a home to be 'decent' it should have reasonably modern facilities (for example, a kitchen under 20 years old or a bathroom under 30 years old) and be structurally sound. It also states that homes should offer both effective insulation and efficient heating. This standard is designed to meet minimum requirements of repair and facilities.
Delivery agenciesAgencies that will work to deliver upon the objectives outlined in action plans and projects and which deliver services, usually to the public such as Primary Care Trusts, Local Authorities etc.
Delivery mechanismsA method by which a delivery agency will deliver its services which could include staff, premises, work programmes and so on.
Delivery PlanA plan which sets out what a project or programme intends to achieve, when, where and at what cost.
Deprivation IndicatorsKey indicators used to identify levels of deprivation within a particular area e.g. low mortality rates, etc, and are used collectively to form the Indices of Multiple Deprivation.
Deprived NeighbourhoodsNeighbourhoods which are shown by deprivation indicators to suffer with high levels of disadvantage such as high unemployment, low educational achievement, poor housing stock, high levels of health problems and so on.
Development TrustsOrganisations which are engaged in the economic, environmental and social regeneration of a defined area or community.
DfES (Department for Education and Skills)Government Department that enhances regional effectiveness of national programmes, eg, Connexions, Sure Start, holds regional skills priorities, links stakeholders in work to support improved behaviour and school attendance and contract manages, eg, Children and Young People policies.