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Sunday 24 May 2015
Dudley Community Partnership
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Jargon Buster

RegenerationThe holistic process of reversing economic, social and physical decay in areas where it has reached a stage when market forces alone will not suffice.
RegenWMThe regional centre of excellence for sustainable community skills.
Regional Development Agencies (RDAs)Regional Government agencies that aim to co-ordinate economic development and regeneration, enable regions to improve their relative competitiveness and reduce the imbalance within and between regions. They have five statutory purposes: to further economic development and regeneration; to promote business efficiency, investment and competitiveness; to promote employment; to enhance development and application of skills relevant to employment; and to contribute to sustainable development.
Regional Economic Strategy (RES)A Regional Strategy setting out how greater and sustainable prosperity is going to be delivered, seeking to provide the underpinning economic conditions necessary for the achievement of the region's vision.
RemitThe area which a person or group of people in authority has responsibility for or control over.
RenewalImprovement in the situation of the most disadvantaged places and their communities, including the level and quality of the services they receive.
Research and Intelligence TeamDudley Council’s team within the Policy and Research section that has responsibility for collecting data and analysing trends of data, to provide intelligence to the Council and its partners.