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Thursday 28 May 2015
Dudley Community Partnership
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Tel: 01384 814756
email: partnership.cexec@dudley.gov.uk

Our Society in Dudley Borough – our local partnership approach to the Big Society ideology and Localism agenda

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Who's Involved:

Our Society in Dudley Borough activity is being developed through a Planning Group. The members are:

  • Joanne Weston, Development Manager, Dudley Community Partnership
  • Andy Wright, Head of Corporate Policy and Research, Dudley MBC
  • Donna Roberts, Research and Intelligence Officer, Dudley MBC
  • Melissa Guest, Communications Development Officer, Dudley CVS
  • Lorna Prescott, Senior Development Officer, Dudley CVS
  • Bridget Brickley, Deputy Director, Dudley Community Partnership
  • Andrea Petkevicius, Business Analyst, Customer Access to Services Team Dudley MBC


All of the above are also part of the Community Rights made Real Project Group, along with:

  • Nick Bird, Network Development Officer, Urban Forum
  • Caitlin McMullin, Research and Policy Officer, Urban Forum
  • Caroline Webb, Senior Development Officer, Dudley CVS
  • Martin Shaw, Principle Officer Communities, Dudley MBC


The work of the Planning Group is guided by a Steering Group, comprised of Planning Group members plus:

  • Dennis Hodson, Director, Dudley Community Partnership
  • Geoff Thomas, Assistant Director, Policy and Improvement, Dudley MBC
  • Andy Gray, Chief Executive, Dudley CVS and Chair of Dudley Community Partnership


We are involving a wide breadth of community groups, voluntary organisations, public sector officers and elected members in Our Society activities. Check out our blog of activities for more information.