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Monday 25 May 2015
Dudley Community Partnership
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Climate Change Group 

To address issues of resource and energy efficiency and carbon dioxide emissions, the Climate Change Group was formed in 2008 as a subgroup of the Strategic Housing and Environment Partnership (SHEP).

The purpose of the group is to coordinate, facilitate, enable and deliver activities to meet SHEP’s objective in the Community Strategy: To address the causes and impact of climate change.

The success of the current delivery plan for 2011 – 2012, depends on collaboration between the significant expertise and drive of the CCG members, and with partners external to the Group.  The delivery plan focuses upon carbon dioxide mitigation however, the Group will address whether to increase it’s adaptation activity for 2012/13.  Fuel Poverty issues are not included as a stand-alone activity however the actions within the Plan will contribute to addressing those.

The CCG has small task and finish groups to take forward some of the detailed work within the plan, which will include additional partners external to the Group membership. 

The Delivery Plan Framework is split by activities, as follows:

  1. Development, Agreement and Monitoring of partnership-owned targets

  2. Low Carbon Communities Project

  3. Schools Low Carbon Procurement Programme

  4. Green Deal Partnership Programme

  5. Small-scale energy generation in Community Buildings (was Banish the Inefficient Community Building)

CCG’s membership comprises of representation from the public sector and the voluntary community and faith sector (VCFS).