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Wednesday 27 May 2015
Dudley Community Partnership
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Shadow Dudley Health & Well-Being Board


It has been agreed that the Health & Well-Being Partnership is dissolved to form the new Shadow Dudley Health & Well-Being Board as a result of the Government's NHS White Paper 'Equity and excellence in health, liberating the NHS', (published July 2010) and its implications for Dudley, one of which was that Health and Well-Being Boards would be established within Local Authorities.

The purpose of the Shadow Dudley Health & Well-Being Board (DHWBB) are to include:

  • the Council having a role to encourage coherent commissioning strategy across the NHS, social care, public health and other partners;

  • responsibility by both the Local Authority and the GP Consortia for the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) and the Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA); and

  • to develop a Joint Health and Well-Being Strategy as a concise, high level and overarching framework which does not duplicate other plans and considers how pooled budgets and joint commissioning arrangements can be used to deliver the strategy.  

The development of the overall Joint Health and Well-Being Strategy will have the aim of improving the health of Dudley people.

The establishment of a Shadow DHWBB is a fresh opportunity for all concerned to help improve the health of Dudley people through work on issues and services connected to health, care and the wider determinants of health for the whole population, across all the stages of life.