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Thursday 28 May 2015
Dudley Community Partnership
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Tel: 01384 814756
email: partnership.cexec@dudley.gov.uk

About Dudley Community Partnership

The Dudley Community Partnership (DCP) is a voluntary unincorporated organisation, which brings together the key public sector delivery agencies in the Borough of Dudley with representatives of the private and the voluntary, community and faith sectors.   

The DCP is Dudley’s Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) and serves the geographic catchments of the Metropolitan Borough of Dudley local authority area.   

The DCP intends to adhere to the highest standards of good corporate governance.   

It commits to operate in a manner that is: 

  • Transparent;  

  • Democratic;  

  • Accountable;  

  • Fair.  

The Partnership is accountable to the local community it serves.  It commits to demonstrate this accountability in a number of ways: 

  • By ensuring wide-ranging consultation with local residents;  

  • By encouraging widened community involvement in its activities;  

  • By publishing information about its plans and activities;  

  • By publishing information and reporting annually to the public about its performance against targets; 

  • By holding events that are open to the public.  


You can download the latest DCP structure chart below.